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Why You Have to Buy a Scratching Post for Your Pet Cat

Ever wondered what your cat is doing when you locked her at home every time you go to work? She must be scratching on your couch or walls, running after every creature that has found its way in, or she may just be crawled up in her cat house all day. For a cat owner, you may not want your pet to be a destructive mammal inside your home. You may not also like her to be bored all day. To make your cat happy all day, a good quality scratching post is all you need.

Cats love to scratch their paws. But if you go home with a scratch post that is not right, your cat will still prefer your couch. A scratch post should be made of materials that shred when scratched. If it is possible, buy two, one horizontal and one vertical. The higher the scratch post is, the more that your cat will love it. But why is a scratch post important when you have a pet cat? Here’s why.

It’s the Closest Thing to a Cat’s Natural Habitat

Cats, even if they are domesticated, still have their natural instincts. They are territorial animals and climbing trees is one activity where they can catch their preys. A scratch post will allow the cat to mark her territory and sharpen her claws. It can be the closest thing that you can have in your home that resembles a tree.

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It Will Keep Your Cat at Home

With a scratching post, you will surely not worry about your pet cat finding ways to go out. She will surely stay put as it may be more entertaining inside your home than anywhere else.

It Will Spare Your Couch from More Scratch Marks

Your couch and walls must be your cat’s favorite scratching surfaces if you do not have scratching surfaces that are posted on walls. A scratching post will prevent further damage and save your couch and wall from ugly getting more stretch marks.

It Will Keep a Cat Strong and Healthy

A scratch post can be the best way for a cat to exercise. She will surely be climbing up and down, scratching her paws, and jumping from the top to the floor. This will help her to prevent ailments due to lack of physical activities, like heart disease and obesity. Because the scratch post provides recreation for a cat, she will surely not fall into depression.